5 Best Drinking Games you can Play with your Online Friends

10 September 2021
Amber Zia

Drinking with friends has a whole vibe but in case you’re abroad or away from your friends, you can play fun drinking games virtually. From dingadget.dk/drukspil, you can get all the toys or more inspiration for your games. 

Cup pong

This game falls under the Game Pigeon Umbrella which is an app that boasts different virtual games such as pool and darts. Similar to beer pong, the player has to toss ping pong balls to red Solo cups using their wrist. The app works through iMessage. 

Would you rather

This one requires you to sort difficult decisions. Gather your friends at an online video chatting platform. All players will prepare a list of difficult questions starting with “Would you rather”. The loser will drink.

Most likely to

Do you want to know what your friends truly think about you? Then gather your friends to play this game. All friends will vote on who’s most likely to do or be something. Whoever gains the most votes will drink. After a few rounds, everyone can do karaoke. 

Truth or shots

This game will remind you of middle school sleepovers. It’s similar to truth or dare but with a slight twist. Instead of dares, all friends will have the option to tell the truth or take a shot. 

Power hour

Power hour demands you to drink anything each minute for a whole hour. Your drink can be beer or a non-alcoholic drink in case you don’t want a hangover the next day. While drinking, you and your friends can chat. Drinking is just an added bonus. 

Wizard Staff

This is similar to the previous game and it’s perfect for dorky people. You have to create a wizard staff by drinking a huge amount of canned beer. After drinking those cans, make a staff out of them. The one with the longest staff will become the strongest wizard.